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The studio

The architecture studio Piscitelli started his activity in 1984, with headquarters in Ancona, and it worked primarily in the field of residential buildings. During the 90’s the activity of the office was extended to sector of commercial and directional buildings and also in the field of city planning with the design of urban plans. In the same period the office worked to provide advices to many company that work to major projects all around Italy. At present the office architecture Piscitelli is focused to design and  develop major works in strategic location in Italy and also in foreign countries, in collaboration with others important design firms. In particular the work of the office was based on the requalification of ex industrial locations that become a redevelopment area composed by residential, commercial and touristic buildings. Noteworthy are some interventions in South America and Estern Europe, currently underway. In the last few years the studio specialized in design of healthcare building and hospital facilities, taking part to competitions organized all around Italy.



Pasquale Piscitelli


From 1999 to 2009 he was Secretary of the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of the province of Ancona and since 1996 he holds the office of President of the Federation of Associations of Architects of region Marche. Since 2009 he is board member of the University of Camerino.

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Patrizia Bussolotti


Member of the firm since 1998, is responsible for the secretarial, administration and accounting.


Samuele Giaconi


He graduated in 2012 at the Faculty of Architecture of Pescara. Member of the firm since 2009 is responsible for the graphics, 3d models, virtual design, renderings and animations.

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