"ex sacelit-italcementi" area recovery project





47.976 mq




45.000 mc




in progress

Co-Designer: Prof. Paolo Portoghesi

The project area, located near the coast, was occupied for decades by a cement factory that became in time an open wound in the urban fabric of a city with strong tourist vocation. For the size, the position and importance, the project represents the most important intervention for Senigallia's urban transformation of the last fifty years. The project maintains intact two important memories, the chimney tall about 60 meters and the entrance to the southern part of the former factory. The latter defines the longitudinal axis of the overall system that sees a south oval square near the sea, on which overlook the museum center, the hotel and the conference center and a building with apartments and shops on the ground floor crowned by two circular towers on the top. In the northern area, around a large urban park,  rise up a residential and commercial complex that, with its five towers, recall the ancient fortifications existing in the Marche region and that will be visible from the old town of Senigallia setting up an ideal architectonical connection. The project also includes the construction of a new building in front of the quay of the port channel. Among the notable works of strengthening and adjustment of the road there is the creation of a new pedestrian bridge long about 200 meters that connects the south promenade of the city with the area of intervention.




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