Residential towers in san paolo





42000 mq


San Paolo


5.250.000 mc





The project will be built in Brazil, in the City of Santa Barbara do Este, in the State of São Paulo, from which is far about 200 kilometers. It is an industrial city with a high growth rate and is situated on the edge of a main highway, on the border with a major university-school campus. The intervention consists of seven tower buildings  that have an height of about 90 meters, which develop on a surface of 7300 square meters. The total area is about 51000 square meters, with n. 309 residential units of various sizes, in fact, 4 towers have a breakdown of 3 apartments per floor, while in the other 3 towers the floor apartments will be two, reserving always the last 3 plans for the construction of penthouses with large terraces. The project idea is to keep a central body around what the terraces revolve progressively. This allows to give from outside an image of a figure screwed on itself. This image is further enhanced by the colors that characterize lower surfaces of the terraces themselves and by the parapets completely transparent.



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