New single regional North marche hospital





215.000 mq



Sup. Territoriale

185.700 mq





The project to build the new Marche Nord United Hospitals is part of the more general program to modernize and rationalize the Marche hospital network launched with the Regional Health Plans 2010-2012 and 2012-2014. In the province of Pesaro / Urbino, the new design of the hospital network envisages the integration between the two historic hospitals of Pesaro and Fano with the objective of creating a single coastal hospital with a primary catchment area of ​​over 200,000 inhabitants and a secondary basin (high specialties) up to 500,000 inhabitants. The new complex, commissioned by the company INSO S.p.A. Italian leader in the health care sector, it will be designed for a total of 512 beds organized in homogeneous care areas and divided into three different areas Surgical Area, Medical Area, Emergencies. The project was developed according to a "citizen-centric conception", that is oriented to the satisfaction of the needs and needs of the person, understood both as a patient but also as an operator and visitor. But, being a complex structure, all the objectives of effectiveness and efficiency will be achieved: to obtain tangible results in this sense it was considered important to plan the design according to a model that no longer reflected the individual specialties but that considered the processes or paths of diagnosis and therapy, to allow the patient to be assisted in an adequate and integrated manner.


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