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Recovery plan competition for piazza d'armi




6.500 mq






The "Piano" district is the area of ​​the city that has undergone the most profound changes in recent years, also due to the settlement of new nuclei of foreign immigrant populations from many countries around the world. This sudden social transformation has caused the loss of the original identity of the neighborhood that only a redevelopment of the urban fabric can recover, promoting a real integration and allowing a multi-ethnic civil coexistence.

The project, together with the planned redevelopment of the Archi and Palombella districts, has the ambition to represent one of the most significant building interventions for the enhancement of the entire city of Ancona.

The redevelopment will be implemented following two distinct and connected processes: first, a structure of public spaces, green areas and services will be built in line with the urban quality improvement program; secondly, the traffic system will be modified, with the creation of a public transport interchange center.

A relationship was sought between the built volumes and the open spaces through a correct sizing in planimetric and volumetric terms, creating as a whole an easily readable balance through the three-dimensional views. The large square, founding element of the project, is formally enclosed on all sides by the volumes built with a rigorous definition of the perimeter: it becomes a "built square", going to resume that typical and intimate dimension of medieval and Renaissance squares that characterize many Italian cities. The large roof that embraces the surrounding volumes represents the strongest message of the project, rediscovering the concept of the portico.

The built square and above all the arcaded one as well as having an architectural value assumes a social relevance: it is able to welcome people more in all weather conditions, sheltering the promenade from the bad weather in winter and the sun in summer, and increasing its power of meeting place.




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